Nevada College Kick Start

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Building off a successful fall 2013 pilot program aimed at instilling the dream of a college education in the minds of 3,000+ Nevada school children and their parents, Nevada College Kick Start went statewide in February 2014. Today, more than 100,000 public school kindergarten and first grade students now have 529 accounts through Nevada College Kick Start.

Nearly 50% of these students, over 30,000 students, attend Title I schools in low-income neighborhoods. This campaign will encourage these families to start saving & planning for college.

Donations through the 1:1 Fund will be used to provide $50 matching grants to families in Title I schools that open their own separate 529 college savings account, thereby enabling a family to save on their own and add to the state's initial deposit. 

Our goal is to raise $20,000 dollars to encourage at least 400 families to open & start saving in their parent-owned 529 college savings account. We've raised over $12,000 via the 1:1 Fund. Join us today and help spur the futures of our future civic and business leaders!

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